At present (January 2006) 27 psychoanalytic societies in sixteen different countries are members of the IFPS. Two Societies in two different countries are study groups of IFPS. The member societies and the study groups are listed on the last section.

The governing body, the Assembly of Delegates, consists of two delegates from each member society. It meets regularly every two years. Among the tasks of the Assembly of Delegates are election of the Executive Committee and the Secretary -General; final decision concerning the admission of an applicant to the Federation; resolutions for conducting Forums; assessment of membership fees. The annual dues currently are 15 USD per member of a component society, but not less than 500 USD per society.

The Executive Committee consists of seven members and the Secretary -General and the Deputy Secretary -General. The tasks of the Executive Committee are examining membership applications, editing IFPS publications, supervising and coordinating the organization of Forums. The Secretary -General conducts the current business of the Federation. The head quarter of the IFPS is the place of residence of the Secretary -General in office.

Executive Committee:

Secretary General:

Sonia Gojman de Millán PhD

Callejón del Horno # 6, 04000, México 21, D.F México.

Tel: +52 55 5554 6383 Fax: +52 55 5554 0925) Email:

Deputy Secretary General:

Carola Mann PhD Fax: +1914 7375778 Email:


Valerie Tate Angel, M.S.W. (USA) Fax: +1212 8747061 Email:

Agnar Berle PhD (Norway) Fax: +47 22557086 Email:

Carlo Bonomi PhD (Italy) Fax +39 0 552268935 Email:

Michael Ermann, Prof, Dr. Med. (Germany).Fax: +49 89 51603930 Email:

Miguel A.Gonzales Torres, M.D. (Spain) Email:

Klaus Hoffmann Dr. Med (Germany). Fax:+49 7531 977 428 Email:

Javert Rodrigues, M.D.(Brazil) Tel: + 55 31 2236304 Email:


Alternate Members:

Jaime Coloma Andrews Dr. (Chile) Tel:+3345339 Email:

Dimitros Kyriaziz MD (Greece) Fax: 30-210-6560220 Email:


International Forum of Psychoanalysis (IFP):


Christer Sjödin (Sweden) Email:

Publishing Editor:  

Sofie Wennstrom (Sweden) Email:

Editorial Office:

P.O. Box 3255 S-103 65 Stockholm, Sweden. Courier & visiting Address: Holländgatan 20, 5th floor, S-111 60 Stockholm, Sweden. Tel: +46 8 4408047 Fax: +46 8 4408050



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