Application for Membership.

The minimum requirements stipulated by the Federation are based on the psychoanalytic theory and therapy as initiated by Sigmund Freud and advanced by others, i.e. on the recognition and understanding of unconscious mental processes, the therapeutic use in clinical work of the principles of transference, resistance and counter-transference and the use as well of the psychoanalytic theory in research for the understanding of human mind and human relations.

            The IFPS admits Psychoanalytic Societies whose members have the following level of training: a full course of studies in medicine or psychology (or an equivalent graduate course of studies) and a minimum of three years additional training in psychoanalysis. The course of training must be accompanied by a personal analysis (not less than 300 sessions, three sessions per week). The training must consist of a curriculum of a minimum of three years of theoretical and clinical instruction. The training must include supervised psychoanalytic sessions conducted with at least two different supervisors.

            The Society shall have an affiliated training facility (Institute), which must have been in existence for at least six years and must have not less than six training analysts, six supervising analysts and six faculty members.


Contact: Sonia Gojman Ph.D, Secretary General. Callejón del Horno #6, 04000 México 21, D.F. Phone: + 5255 5554 6383) Fax: +5255 555 40925). email:



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