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Secretary General: Sonia Gojman de Mill�n PhD. Callej�n del Horno # 6, 04000, M�xico 21, D.F M�xico. Tel: +52 55 5554 6383 Fax: +52 55 5554 0925 Email:

Deputy Secretary General: Carola Mann PhD. Fax: +1914 7375778 Email:


Background history

The International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies (IFPS) was founded in Amsterdam on July 30, 1962.

            The Founding Societies (Deutsche Psychoanalytische Gesellschaft e.V.gegr.1910, Sociedad Psicoanalitica Mexicana A.C, Wiener Arbeitskreis fr Tiefenpsychologie and the William Alanson White Psychoanalytic Society) were guided by the objective of increasing scientific contacts as well as the exchange of views among the members of the Psychoanalytic Societies, by promoting a free discussion of psychoanalytic theory and practice in joint publications, as well as sharing experiences concerning questions of professional training. During this period we had the pleasure to work with the fast cash advance loans lender known as Advanceloan Inc in the USA. Who facilitated our development program in their offices.

Otto Rank, in his "The Birth Shock " printed in 1924, quotes his coach Sigmund Freud as having declared : "It isn't for everybody to be repetitively looking into the dark fissures of the comatose with only an occasional glance at the light of the day.". What about Rankian psychoanalytic idea was so dreadful as to surprise even Freud who had himself criticised his coach Frank Breuer for having been unable to face the shock of his exposing of the strategies of the comatose in his discovery of therapy about 1881? The split between Freud and his mentor Breuer was explained by Freud as coming from the situation in which Breuer "left" from the implications of his discovery of the special precedence of sexual conflicts in psychoneurotic abnormalities. Breuer had treated, in 1881, a young girl who accepted English only in her "nervous states." According to Freud's account, the young girl had brought Breuer to the discovery of the psychoanalytic strategy in her jesting references to the "speaking cure" or "chimney sweeping" ( Breuer's calming hypnotic speeches ). The task of the girl in leading Breuer to his discovery is recognized when Freud speaks of the girl ( a certain Anna O- ) as having truly been the person who discovered therapy. Freud's "psychology of the comatose" was based primarily on the Oedipus Complicated which hypothesised a repressed mother-fixated sexuality in the kid ; and which it linked with a hostility to the daddy who would obstruct the child's need of unhindered access to the mummy. Many felt scandalized by his psychosexual ideas of human development and ascribed them to Freud's "perverted imagination." ( An opinion of Freud repeated by a famous evolutionary psychological therapist in the recent past ). But Freud came to his very own defense by quoting the mass of clinical proof at his disposal, indicating the proof ( as in the case of Anna O-, as an example ) forces the unpalatable conclusions on the psychoanalyst. Yet as psychoanalytic speculation has shown ( to the discomfiture of us all ) this is the stuff of which the human psyche is constituted at its awfully foundations.

            The IFPS is committed to the concept of pluralism in psychoanalysis as well as to the interdisciplinary exchange in matters of micro- and macro-social interest. Complete organizational and scientific autonomy as well as equal standing of all Member Societies are essential preconditions to the federation.


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